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Improve Your Website with SEO Practices

improve your websiteIt might be discouraging if it seems like no one is using it. You can improve your website and its traffic by practicing good SEO techniques. What is SEO, you ask? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s the process of arranging the content on your site to maximize its visibility in search engines. Better SEO ultimately means more internet traffic to your site.

There are a number of rules and guidelines to adhere to when you’re looking to optimize your site. Thankfully, this is a well-researched and documented field, if you know where to look. Below, I’ve included a short list of links that might help you get started. They cover the basics of SEO on top of guidelines for you to follow as you establish these practices on your own website.

  1. These two lists from searchenginewatch.com on SEO basics and essentials.
  2. An SEO beginners guide from moz.com. (They’re also a good spot to learn even more about SEO!)
  3. Check out some SEO agency website for different perspectives. Try Always Found, for example.
  4. SEO techniques from backlinko.com
  5. Another beginners guide from hongkiat.com

There’s a great variety of SEO sites and guides out there, but it helps to start slow and branch out from there.

One more thing needs to be made clear, however. Some sites will touch on this, but no manipulation of an algorithm can compete with great and relevant content. You need to strive for the best content possible if you want to garner more users. Simply having the content and site structure to be approved by google won’t attract interest if the content doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Naturally, SEO won’t dramatically improve your website over night. Significant changes might take weeks or months. But will improve eventually, with persistence.

Lastly, I leave you with another instructional video. It’ll go over points you’ll probably read about, but this information is worth it if you want to smoothly implement the best practices for your site.

Revamp Your Home Decor

home decorIf you’re tired of your home decor, there’s no time like the present to change things up. There are plenty of places to look, but the idea of this post is to help you get started. The first, and perhaps most important, thing to consider is that you can set your own schedule. Take your time in figuring out what you might want your “new” home to look like. At the very least, having a clear plan or set of goals will help you when you need to consider all of the different aspects of your home that you want to change.

First of all, which rooms in your home do you want to renovate? If you’re planning a massive overhaul, you might want to consider how the changes can affect the overall mood in your home. The style of home decor from room to room doesn’t have to be perfectly congruous–and, typically, shouldn’t be. However, consider how one would transition from room to room. Would the change in styles be refreshing, or simply jarring?

When you finally have a clear design goal in mind, you should look into a wide breadth of retailers to pick products from. Sure, one store might have potential solution to this need or that need, but their selection might not ultimately be your solution. Rug and Home, for example, is one place that has a pretty decent selection of home decor pieces and products within their market that might be worth checking out. It’s even more worthwhile if you’re looking for a rug or accent piece to finish out your grand design.

This post was originally spurred by my own home decor research, actually. I found some great resources, like this one.Beyond the Google searches you might expect, I also found that Youtube works as a good place to find more visual guides. Here’s one I found pretty interesting:

Trade in Your Old Phone for Cash

trade in your old phoneIf you’re like me, then there’s a good chance that you’re stuck in that cycle of phone upgrades and contracts with your cell provider. While things are changing for the better in some ways, the inflexibility of provider contracts cause consumers to spend more money than necessary. As frequently as technology advances, consistently upgrading your phone and paying the bill for one contract after another can be a headache. So, it’s worth looking into alternate methods of phone-purchasing. Instead of buying directly from your service provider, you can actually trade in your old phone for cash. Then, you can buy a used phone of a newer model, which in all likelihood is going to be much cheaper than buying new. There are few reasons not to, if finances are any concern, because a used phone should function identically to one that’s fresh out of the box.

Once you decide that you’re going to trade in your phone instead of throwing it away, what do you have to do next? The first thing, obviously, is to find a place to sell it. There are plenty of places on the internet to trade in your old phone, but I like a company called Good Cellas.

As soon as you know where you’re selling, make sure you carefully go over the site’s rules for trade ins. To start, the phone you’re trading in still has to be functioning and under your legal ownership. Otherwise, there’s a bit of a process to go through as you and the seller verify the specifics of the trade. Again, specifics here vary, but the newer models in better condition will likely sell more than other phones.

It can be daunting at first, to be sure, but it can certainly be worth it. You can potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars on a trade, especially if you buy a used phone instead of buying another new one.

Here’s a little video I found with some iPhone specific tips:

How to Know it’s Time to Change Your Website

Just like every other aspect of technology, web design trends change. Along with changing trends, there are other factors that should persuade you to invest in a website change. In today’s world of online shopping and turning to the internet for answers, it’s important that your website is up-to-date and ready to go against any competitors. Saving money and time to make this change will benefit your website in the long-run. For your benefit, I’ve mapped out the various areas that indicate it’s time for a change!


The User Experience Indicators:

Not getting the results you want or need is a major reason. For example, if the desired result of your website is to raise awareness about a specific issue but your design is causing the content to load too slow, the design needs to be made more user-friendly. A long loading period will increase your bounce rate, therefore making the content less effective.

Other user friendly practices include creating filters and easy navigation, offering helpful and appealing images, and if there’s a checkout option, making the process a smooth one is key for ecommerce websites.

Another common issue is the complete opposite. While the loading time is fast, you could have too much content. Too much content has a way of hiding the most important facts and visitors can lose interest quickly. You would rather pull them in with the most relevant and informative content than overwhelm them with content that doesn’t benefit them or your goal.

The Branding Indicators:

If your branding or purpose has changed, so should your website. Many are looking at the website first before going further with a company or organization, and if your website doesn’t embody your values, you can miss out on potential customers or followers.

Even the smallest change can have an impact. An example is the website huemor.rocks. One of Huemor’s recent changes was its URL. Just by changing their domain to a top-level-domain helped to strengthen their brand. Even if there isn’t a major issue, there’s always room for some improvement or a beneficial change!

The SEO Indicators:

For search engine optimization purposes, keeping your website fresh and unique is always best practice. If you notice a change in your rankings, look into what factors are contributing to that. Whether it’s design, content or another SEO issue, it needs to be addressed.

Keywords, links, title tags, and meta descriptions also play a role. Utilize an SEO tool like Moz to see if your problem is stemming from there.


Let these areas be your deciding factor when considering making some changes to your website. Take the time to get into users’ shoes, learn what it is they’re looking for, and take note if your website is accomplishing that or not.

Since I already made a reference to Huemor, follow them on Dribbble for some inspiration before your redesign!

Office Renovation Tips and Ideas

office renovationOne idea I wanted to start with was advice on how to manage your work-life balance. If working conditions aren’t ideal, how can you be expect ideal result? For this post, I gathered up a list of tips for you to look out for if you’re planning on renovating your office space. There’s a lot to cover, but I think these points will cover the most significant areas to consider for your office renovation.

  1. Accent and personalize the office! Of course, having a clean and efficient space to work is an obvious priority. However, that goal doesn’t have to be synonymous with stuffy; stylizing with eccentric accent pieces around the office might enhance a more relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Consider your office’s color scheme in relation to your brand. What kind of image do you want to convey to employees and potential clients?
  3. Aside from office decor, how else can your office be improved? How’s your office’s HVAC system? Obviously, you’re going to want you and your employees to be comfortable indoors. If you don’t regularly keep things in check, your HVAC system might be vulnerable without you realizing it. Look at a company like the BP Group for HVAC New York services.
  4. Find inspiration on the web. If you’re just not sure what direction you should take your office decor, take to the internet! Pinterest, for example, is one area that offers plenty of ideas and images that might inspire you.
  5. If you need to work from home, make sure your home office is just as professional as your actual office. Being at home opens up a lot of potential for distractions, so prepare your home work space to be as efficient as possible so that you don’t miss a beat.
  6. Invest in new windows, if necessary. Windows (obviously) allow natural light to enter the office, which is a nice contrast to potentially headache-inducing and unappealing fluorescent bulbs. The more windows, the better! Make sure to look into insulated options to best control heating costs within the office.
  7. Keep the office and workspaces neat and organized. This one’s a given, but it’s important to note regardless. There are many ways to do this, but at the end of the day, the overall cleanliness of an office reflects on the company’s reputation.

So, that’s all I have for now. Some of these office renovation points might be obvious, but I hope you found something that was helpful to you. I’m going to wrap this up with a video with some more office decor and renovating tips: