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Improve Your Website with SEO Practices

improve your websiteIt might be discouraging if it seems like no one is using it. You can improve your website and its traffic by practicing good SEO techniques. What is SEO, you ask? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s the process of arranging the content on your site to maximize its visibility in search engines. Better SEO ultimately means more internet traffic to your site.

There are a number of rules and guidelines to adhere to when you’re looking to optimize your site. Thankfully, this is a well-researched and documented field, if you know where to look. Below, I’ve included a short list of links that might help you get started. They cover the basics of SEO on top of guidelines for you to follow as you establish these practices on your own website.

  1. These two lists from on SEO basics and essentials.
  2. An SEO beginners guide from (They’re also a good spot to learn even more about SEO!)
  3. Check out some SEO agency website for different perspectives. Try Always Found, for example.
  4. SEO techniques from
  5. Another beginners guide from

There’s a great variety of SEO sites and guides out there, but it helps to start slow and branch out from there.

One more thing needs to be made clear, however. Some sites will touch on this, but no manipulation of an algorithm can compete with great and relevant content. You need to strive for the best content possible if you want to garner more users. Simply having the content and site structure to be approved by google won’t attract interest if the content doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Naturally, SEO won’t dramatically improve your website over night. Significant changes might take weeks or months. But will improve eventually, with persistence.

Lastly, I leave you with another instructional video. It’ll go over points you’ll probably read about, but this information is worth it if you want to smoothly implement the best practices for your site.